Jual Total Station HI-Target Zts-320R

Deskripsi :
Angle Measurement (Hz, V)
Measurement MethodAbsolute Encoder
Display resolution1″/5″selectable (2 mgon)
Accuracy *12″
Distance Measurement
Laser output
Measuring RangeReflector-less *2350m (1,148 ft.)
800m (2.624 ft.)
Single prism2000m to 2500m (6,560 ft. to 8,200ft.)
Three prism5000m (16,400ft.) under good condition *3
AccuracyReflector-less±(3+2ppm x D)mm
Prism±(2+2ppm x D)mm
Measuring TimeReflector-lessFine/Repeat 2s, tracking 1.5s
PrismFind 1.5s, Repeat 1s, tracking 0.5s
Magnification 30X
Field of View 1°30′ 
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.5m (4.9ft.) 
Reticle Illuminated 
SystemSingle-axis liquid-electric tilt sensor
Dual-axis (optional)
Working Range±3′ (±56 mgon)
Setting Accuracy1″(0.3 mgon)
CommunicationInternal Data   MemoryApprox. 20,000 Points
InterfaceStandard RS232 port, SD card*4, mini USB , standard USB port (Bluetooth optional)
Data FormatASCII
(DXF/GSI optional)
Operation systemReal-time English Operating System
DisplayGraphics:192*96 dots /backlight / Character:6 lines*12 characters/
contrast adjustment
Keyboard2 sides Alphanumeric keyboard
Laser PlummetTypeLaser diode, Brightness Adjustment in steps
Optical plummet (optional)
Beam Accuracy1 mm ( 1.5m instrument height)
Power supplyBattery TypeRechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage/CapacityZBA-400:7.4V(DC) / 3000mAh
Operating time with
Optimal 16 hrs*5 (single distance measurement every 30 second)
Measuring timesAround 12000 times
Weight (Incl. Battery &Tribrach )Approx. 5.5kg (12.1lb.)
EnvironmentalOperating temperature-20℃ to﹢50℃( -4℉to +122℉)
Storage temperature-40℃ to﹢70℃(-40℉to + 158℉)
Dust &Water proofing (IEC60529 Standard)IP55

*1 Standard deviation based on ISO 17123-3
*2 Calculated by Kodak Gray Card white side(90% reflective), exact distance depends on measuring object, observation and environment conditions
*3 Good condition: no haze, visibility about 40km, moderate sunlight,
*4 Maximum extension up to 32GB.
*5 New battery at 25℃, 24 hours continuously angel measurement mode

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Jual Total Station HI-Target Zts-320R
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