Jual Total Station Topcon ES-62

Total Station Topcon ES-62

The Topcon ES-62 is the latest instrument in the ES family with an IP66 waterproof casing and reflectorless EDM technology. The ES-62 is now available with Bluetooth to enable the user to connect a wireless data collector up to 10 m.
The ES-62 features other high end specifications such as dual axis compensation, dual keyboards, 15-hour battery life and on-board survey software capable of storing 10,000 points. These features combined with the affordable price, make it the perfect entry-level solution for site layout or as-built survey. The ES-62 also features Bluetooth®, which allows wireless connection to a data collector up to 10m.
● Fast and Powerful EDM
● 350 m Non-Prism (1,148 ft)
● 4000 m Prism (13,120 ft)
● Dual graphical back-lit LCD Displays
● Battery 15 hours
● Rugged waterproof IP66 design
● Temperature specification -20° to +60° C
● Laser pointer (Red Coaxial)
● Bluetooth® communications (10 m distance to data collector)
● RS-232 Hirose connector
● USB 2.0 Host and Slave for easy data transfers
● Quick and easy Trigger Key
● Topcon style horizontal and vertical locking tangents
● 25 key keyboard, with 4-way directional back-lit arrow key
● TOPbasic on-board survey application software (GPT/GTS series
● 10,000 point storage
● Angle Accuracy 2″
● Battery 7.2v BDC46 (optional BDC70)
● Communications Bluetooth, RS-232C and USB Host 2.0
● Display LCD 192 x 80 dots
● EDM Phase Shift
● EDM Range 4,000m Prism, 350m Reflectorless
● Environmental IP66
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Jual Total Station Topcon ES-62
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