Jual Total Station Topcon GM 105 Reflectorless 1000m

Total Station Topcon GM 105 Reflectorless 1000m

Topcon presents the GM-100 Total Station. This powerful, cost-efficient manual total station was designed to deliver the latest technological advantages in a small, sleek design. It features an ultra-powerful EDM, best-in-class angle accuracy encoder system, extended battery life, and a rugged – waterproof housing.
To provide the accuracy, speed, and endurance needed the GM-100 series has new angle encoders, measurement times of.5 seconds or less, and a 28-hour battery, good on even the most demanding job sites. Plus, with a rugged housing and IP66 rating, you’ll be able to handle even the sloppiest of conditions.
The GM-100 series also features a lighter weight of 11.6 lbs. (5.3 kg) dual-axis compensation, 32 GB USB, Bluetooth to 10m and TSshield™ telematics for ultimate security and investment protection.
Specifications :
Angle Measurement
Min. Resolution/Accuracy
GM-101 0.5”/1”
GM-102 1”/2”
GM-103 1”/3”
GM-105 1”/5”
IACS Standard on 1” and 2” models
Compensation Dual-axis compensator
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range 6,000m
Prism EDM Accuracy 1.5mm + 2ppm
Non-Prism Range 1,000m
Non-Prism Accuracy 2mm + 2ppm (0.3 – 200m)
Measuring Time
Fine: 0.9 sec
Rapid: 0.6 sec
Tracking: 0.4 sec
LongLink™ is not supported Bluetooth® Class 1.5/10 m
USB 2.0 Slot (Host)
RS-232C Serial
Display Single Backlit LCD (Dual display optional)
Battery Operation Up to 28 hours
Dust/Water Rating IP66
Wireless Connection Bluetooth® Class 1.5
Operating Temp -4°F to 140°F (-20ºC to 60ºC)
LP – Laser plummet standard
Other Content
6,000m prism range 1.5mm accuracy
Easy access USB memory with 32 GB storage
1″ angle accuracy encoder system with exclusive IACS
Rugged, waterproof/dustproof magnesium-alloy housing
28-hour battery life (eco mode)
0878 – 7626 – 2648
0821 – 2356 – 8182
Pin BB : 59CE118F
Email: andyjayasurvey@yahoo.co.id
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Jual Total Station Topcon GM 105 Reflectorless 1000m
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