Jual Digipas DWL-3500XY

Digipas DWL-3500XY
Measuring Range from0° ~ ±20.000° Single Axis
0° ~ ±10.000° Dual Axis
Resolution of0.001° (≤ 18┬Ám/M)(0.0002 in/ft)
Accuracy:± 0.001° at 0° to 2.000°
± 0.003° at other angles
Digital colour graphic display of Dual angles
4 X AAA 1.5V batteries
Enable USB External power source
VibroMeter Display real time vibration graph
AngularMeter Display real-time angle graph
Basic PC Sync software USB connection (5 Meters) to device for remote data logging
Professional PC Sync Software USB connection to device for remote data logging (Optional)
Wireless Bluetooth Class 1 connection (approx. 30 Meters) from PC to device (optional)
Operating temperature at -10°C to +50°C
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Jual Digipas DWL-3500XY
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