Jual Echo Sounder HD-390

Echo Sounder HD-390
Deskripsi :
Technical specification
1. Sound frequency: 100-750kHz (adjustable)
2. Accuracy: ±10mm+0.1%h
3. Depth range: 0.5-100m below the transducer
4. Industry-standard embedded high speed low power consumption CPU frequency 1.6GHz
5. Industry-Standard Embedded DDR 2 memory: 1G
6. Depth max sample rate, 25 times per second
7. Built-in 4G large capacity CF card storage (can be customized)
8. High brightness 12-inch LCD screen, resolution 1024×768, 1000cd/m2
9. Interface: Two RS-232 serial ports, three USB ports, one DC power input port and two TX ports (transducer port)
10. Power: DC 9~36V or AC 220V, power consumption: 20W
11. Environment: working temperature -30℃~60℃ water-proof and shock-resistant
12. Size: 440mm× 341mm × 164mm
13. Weight: 9kg
1. HD-390 multi-probe multi-beam detector x 1
2. Hi-Target positioning orientation equipment x 1(optional)
3. Sonic current profiler x 1(optional)
4. Wave mapper x 1(optional)
Tags : Echo Sounder HD-390, jual Echo Sounder HD-390, harga Echo Sounder HD-390
tags: Echo Sounder HD-390, harga Echo Sounder HD-390, jual Echo Sounder HD-390

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Jual Echo Sounder HD-390
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