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SOUTH CORS Reference-Station made by South
Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co.,Ltd,
basing on Industrial Computer and providing
several sorts of communicating interfaces,
is a high performance base- station.
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Based on the advanced GPS survey technology and traditional survey technology, SOUTH Continuous Operational Reference System (CORS), which is a highly integrated surveying system, can provide advanced solutions for data acquisition, data processing, data distribution, and data management.

Sorts of CORS
There are three kinds of CORS: single station CORS, multi-station CORS and CORS network.

Purpose of CORS
1. survey control
2.GIS data acquisition
3. Deformation Monitoring
4. Vehicle Monitoring and scheduling
5. Weather analysis

EAGLE software

EAGLE is the platform for the issue of CORS information, which provides network service to TCP/IP?GPRS?CDMA access. Meanwhile, it’s the “CPU” of the whole system, which carries out unified management and process to the data from the reference station. Not only can it offer different format of real-time differential data from RTK real-time positioning (such as RTCA?RTCM2.X?RTCM3.0?CMR.etc), but also can provide static data for static post-differential positioning.

EAGLE also can monitor data quality and the working status of the Rover automatically. Therefore, the user or the system administrator observes the operation state of the stations through the network, so that ensure the reliability of the system’s continuous running.

Choke ring antenna

The SOUTH choke ring antenna can choke back the multi-path effect effectively, combining with the stable phase centre (<1MM) can restrain the radio frequency interference, so that reach the mm level precision.

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