Jual GPS Geodetik L1 H66 Statik

Detail Produk GPS Geodetik L1 H66 Statik

GPS Geodetik L1 H66 Statik

GPS GEODETIK H66 245x300 GPS Geodetik L1 H66 Statik

integrative and single-frequency GPS receiver:

S66 is an smart ,integrative and single-frequency GPS receiver. All components are integrated to the small mainframe including cables, batteries, receiving antenna ,etc.

– Infrared, remote controller,5m working
distance,convenient to input letters and
– Full color screen
– Two batteries built-in designed ,switch to
each other automatically
– Compatibility, can work with other brands’
single & dual-frequency receivers to do
control surveying

1. Receiver:
Channel: independent 12 channels
Tracking signal: L1, C/A code
Memory: 16M
Working time: two batteries last 16 hours
Epoch interval:1 second to 60 seconds
Phase center: on the center point of receiver top
Operation environment temperature-40?+70?
Storage environment temperature: -50?+60?
Power input: 6V~10V DC
Power: 1.5 W
Weight of mainframe: 0.6 Kg
Data transmit: RS232 and High Speed USB
Azimuth:0-45 degree
Initial Capture Time: 60 seconds
Dustproof, sand-proof
2. Static accuracy:
Static horizontal accuracy: 5mm+1ppm
Static vertical accuracy: 10mm+1ppm
Single positioning accuracy:>5m
Operation Distance: 30 km
Vector L1 Differential GPS Receiver
– Static mode:5mm+1ppm
– Stop&Go mode:cm level in good condition and
sub-meter level sometime

Note:The accuracy depends on satellite status ,distance between Rover and Base, your maintenance ability of holding the surveying pole, etc.

– User-friendly interface, easy to operate
– Baseline can be processed automatically or
with man’s intervention.
– Detailed output items, including synchronized
loop, asynchornized loop, 3D adjustment, 2D

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Jual GPS Geodetik L1 H66 Statik
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