Jual GPS Geodetik L1 L2 RTK S86T GNSS

Detail Produk GPS Geodetik L1 L2 RTK S86T GNSS

GPS Geodetik L1 L2 RTK S86T GNSS

GPS GEODETIK RTK S86T 218x300 GPS Geodetik L1 L2 RTK S86T GNSS

Product Introduction:

Adopt advanced main board
220 Channels for Multi-Constellation GNSS
Dual-bluetooth technology
Connect With CORS

 Berat : 0,46 kg
Detail Produk:

New ARM system and data link technology
32-bit ARM processor with 400Mh CPU speed ensures flexible multitask operation, higher processing speed, improved realtime functionality. The receiver serves as a USB plug and play device also includes built-in 2W VHF radio with core data link technology extends the working range up to 8km.

Powerful on-board software
New software and utility packages are included for improved usability

Optimized 3-proof design
The optimized data link solution ensures maximum proficiency design and equipment reliability, a smaller unit for field access in rugged conditions. Industrial quality controller and 20m stable Bluetooth?ensure the reliability of data link and flexibility of rover operation. Compact metal enclosure design providing strength and impact resistance, 3-proof design.

Cable-free design
The ease of use with Bluetooth?for improved performance and greater flexibility

Built-in transmitting radio
New improved core data link technology with built-in radio, capable of typical range operation, ideal for cableless fieldwork.

Processing architecture
New, faster ARM920T CPU computing system with USB mass storage (FFS) allowing easy transfer of survey data to a standard USB storage device.

Robust carrying case
Hard case and soft case are separable, the soft case is flexible to customize allow better use of the space

Dual lithium Ion batteries allow extended working hours.

Optimised board designed for the most rugged conditions with higher capacity, faster computing capacity coupled with Novatel GNSS technology

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Jual GPS Geodetik L1 L2 RTK S86T GNSS
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