Jual GPS Geodetic Hi Target V60 RTK GNNS

This kind of New Nevigation RTK GPS navigation equipment is widely used in surveying and mapping in engineering construction and geological.For it’s advantages of the good qualilty,competitive price,high precision,light weight…,it’s popular in the market.
The New RTK Nevigation GPS is a more compact-design and higher-performance GNSS RTK system, besides its rugged design to resist impact and vibration. The V60 has industrial OLED display screen on its front control panel to show all information and status of the work. With the smart speaker inside the receiver, the DIY guiding voice can be customized in any language, even dialect! 1GB internal storage plus 8GB Micro SD card memory is standard, the V60 supports up to
32GB extension of memory. The V60 is fully compatible with other GNSS RTK

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Jual GPS Geodetic Hi Target V60 RTK GNNS
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