Jual GPS Geodetik HI-TARGET H32 GNSS RTK System

H32 GNSS RTK System
Originated from HI-TARGET’s sophisticated GNSS technology, the H32 is a very competitive GNSS RTK system on the current market with its rugged design and affordable price.
The H32’s housing is made of General Electric Xenoy 5220U polymer resin to handle severe and harsh filed conditions. With its unique internal design, it can perfectly avoid or lessen obstruction and multipath effect to ensure superior positioning capability.
The H32’s front control panel with super bright OLED display screen (Resolution 128×64) makes the work more intuitive. No matter it is in the dark or strong sunshine, the screen is comfortably readable to eyes.

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Jual GPS Geodetik HI-TARGET H32 GNSS RTK System
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