Jual Hammer Test NJ-80

Hammer Test NJ-80
Deskripsi :
The Concrete Test Hammer / Hammer Test, suitable for rapid quality control of concrete work is built on a scale pointer and graphics. Concrete Test Hammer Tool To measure the compressive strength of concrete or hard to know quickly and practically. Commonly used for Quality Control of work. * Used for non-destructive measurement of concrete / mortar compressive strength of concrete characteristics * Quality control of the uniform (in-situ concrete and prefabricated structures) * Detection of weak spots in the concrete.
Hammer Name: NJ – 80
* Survey Type: N-type
Ø Survey Methods: Violence Repulsion
* Survey Range: 100-600 kg/cm2
* Weight: 1.4 Kg
* Includes: Hammer, grinding wheels, tote bags, manual records
Hammer’s Test Objectives
This test uses a hammer impact testing of concrete surfaces, and then surveys the repulsion force
Test Hammer’s Principal
NJ-80 hammer tests of high quality, the method is very simple and easy to survey the development of violence.
Survey Methods Hammer
– Palo has adapted to use ground before launch. mean adjusting typically R = 80 ± 1, but the tolerance of R = 80 ± 2 was approved, but the tolerance is
* Discover the use of metal detectors iron rods and then void where an iron rod when you use a hammer.
* Choose a plane
* Avoid prominence and depression, fractures and gaps, pebble gravel, stone.
* Remove the powder with a grinding stone.
* Remove the stand and depression using a grinding stone.
* Choose a place that is more than 10cm thick concrete. ii. measurement
* Minimum 3 – 6cm away from the bars, the pillars
* Size is 3cm by 3cm Hit the strike length of 5 times, in the high 4 times hit.
* When the hammer hit, keeping the right ang
* If you find a strange sound or damaged holes, ignoring the number, move to the next good point and try again
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Jual Hammer Test NJ-80
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