Jual Kompas Geologi DQL-8

Kompas Geologi DQL-8
Brunton DQL-8 China
Code : Brunton DQL-8
Deskripsi :
NeedleInduction dampened
damping time ≤ 15′ ‘
Red needle to S, white needle to N
Vernierwith vernier
allowing for fine inclination measurement
Vertical Accuracy(Direct reading): ± 10′
Estimated reading: ± ½ °
VerticalRange:   ± 90° or 0-100%
CircleGraduation: 0-360° , Min. 1° , allowing for ½ ° (estimated) azimuthreading
Diameter: Outer: 65-0.05mm; Inner: 55+0.2mm
Zero PINAllowingfor magnetic deviationadjustment
Level(Bubble)Circular Level: Allowing for azimuth measurement levelling; Accuracy: 30′ ± 5′ /2mm
Plate Level: Allowing for inclination measurement levelling; Accuracy: 20′ ± 5′ /2mm

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Jual Kompas Geologi DQL-8
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