Jual Silva Compas SightMaster

Silva Compas SightMaster
Code : Kompas SightMaster
Deskripsi :
  • Using a high quality glass lens with dioptre sight for precision sighting and a top scale with lubber line for map reading the Sight Master gives the precision required by professionals with durability and sensitivity.
  • Anodised aluminium housing with cord.
  • High quality glass lens for sighting.
  • ±0.5° accuracy from true magnetic course with precision sighting.
  • ±1.0° accuracy when used for map reading.
  • Size: 75 x 53 x 16mm.
  • Each degree indicated on card.
  • 360ยบ true bearing and 360° back bearing scales.
  • Precision scale aluminium compass card.
  • Weight 110g.
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Jual Silva Compas SightMaster
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