Jual Sokkia B40 Waterpass

Sokkia B40 Waterpass
Deskripsi :
B20 B30 B40 Automatic Levels
Model B20B30B40
Objective aperture42mm (1.7in.) 36mm (1.4in.) 32mm (1.3in.)
Minimum focus0.2m (7.9in.) from end of telescope,
0.3m (1.0ft.) from instrument center
Accuracy*Without micrometer0.7mm (0.03in.) 1.5mm (0.06in.)2.0mm (0.08in.)
With micrometer0.5mm (0.02in.)
CompensatorType4 wire pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Working range ±15′
Water protection IPX6 (IEC60529)
Horizontal circle graduation 1ยบ (1gon)
Weight 1.85kg (4.1lb.)1.7kg (3.7lb.)

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Jual Sokkia B40 Waterpass
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