Jual Theodolite Nikon NE-103

Theodolite Nikon NE-103
Deskripsi :
With a track record of proven reliability and accurate long-term performance, Nikon Electronic Theodolites ensure a high level of performance through many years of hard use. These ruggedly designed, waterproof surveying instruments will get the job done – even under the harshest in-field conditions.
  • Water- and dust resistant (IPX6)
  • Clear, bright display with backlight (both sides)
  • Simple user interface (keyboard both sides)
  • Single axis tilt sensor
  • Up to ± 46 Hrs operation with Alkaline batteries
  • Telescope Magnification: 30x
  • Angular Accuracy:           5”
  • Minimum Reading:          5” / 10”

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Jual Theodolite Nikon NE-103
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