Jual total station CYGNUS KS-102

total station CYGNUS KS-102

Cygnus Specifications

Field of View1°30′
Resolving power3.0″
Minimum focus distance1.3m
Angle measurement
Display resolution1″/ 5″
Axis compensator1 axis, ±3′ (Compensation range)
Distance measurement
Measuring range – Reflectorless200m
Measuring range – Prism2,000m (Single Prism)
Accuracy – Reflectorless(3+2 ppm x D)mm
Accuracy – Prism(2+2 ppm x D)mm
Measuring time (Fine) – Reflectorless1.1s
Measuring time (Fine) – Prism1.1s
Interface and Data Management
DisplayGraphic LCD
Keyboard24 Alpha-Numeric Keys
Control panel location2 sides
Data storage – Internal memory24,000 pts
Data storage – Plug-in memory deviceN/A
InterfaceSerial RS-232C
Levels – Plate Level30″ / 2mm
Levels – Circular level10′ / 2mm
Optical plummet (Magnification)3x
Dust and water protectionIP54
Operating temperature-20 to 50ºC
Size with handle336(H) x 184(W) x 172(L) mm
Weight with battery & tribrach4.9kg
Power supply
Operating time(20ºC)Approx. 23 hours
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Jual total station CYGNUS KS-102
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