Jual Total Station Sokkia FX 102 Windows

Sokkia FX 102 Windows Total Station
Sokkia FX 102
Code : FX102
Deskripsi :
Sokkia’s FX total station features new applications software, a telematics module, and wireless communications system. MAGNET™ Field, a cloud-based on-board application software for precise positioning, comes standard on all FX Series models. Every FX total station also comes equipped with exclusive TSshield technology, a telematics-based multifunction communications module, built-in. TSshield is the survey industry’s only security and maintenance system, helping secure your investment anywhere in the world. Long-range Bluetooth® technology comes standard on the FX series, allowing FX data to be seamlessly transferred to a Bluetooth-equipped controller.
Other features include:
• RED-tech technology reflectorless EDM for fast distance measurement.
• Advanced angle measurement system with Sokkia’s original absolute
• Long lasting battery life – up to 20 hours.
• IP65 dustproof/waterproof rating with metal chassis.
• Standard temperature range of -20C to +50C.
(lower and higher temperature models are available)
• Internal 750 MB of storage and USB port for additional data storage.
• 26-key keyboard with four-way backlit, directional arrows.
• Red and green LED guide lights.
Lengkap Set:
2 Unit Almunium Tripod
1 Unit Prisma Poligon/ Tribrach
1 Unit Prisma Detils/ Prisma Pole
1 Unit Range Pole / Jalon
1 Unit Flasdick 4GB
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Jual Total Station Sokkia FX 102 Windows
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